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About Us:

Formed in 2005, Camri has been changing the game in the world of cutlery and crockery for over a decade. With our high-quality tableware decorating tables around the globe, Camri has been the number one choice for consumers for long-lasting and aesthetically designed tableware. Our crockery is produced in three types materials with highly innovative designs:

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Iron porcelain


Fine porcelain


Bone china

With a diverse range in our porcelain crockery and stainless-steel cutlery, there is something for everyone in our product line. Our products can be found in international airlines, luxurious hotels and leading restaurants.
We understand our consumer’s demand for luxurious yet functional cutlery that is both pleasing to the eye and makes an impression on your guests. Camri has always delivered the best and we aim to guarantee customer satisfaction, making sure every customer leaves us with a smile

• Available in leading stores:
Our cutlery is available in numerous and all leading stores around the country.

• High-quality and anti-corrosive steel:
Our dinnerware is of the highest quality food-grade material.

• Lustrous mirror polish:
Our designs are perfected and finished with a long-lasting mirror polish that emulates luxury.

• Aesthetic design for quality tableware:
Our cutlery makes quite the impression with our elegant yet contemporary designs produced with the highest quality of fine and iron porcelain, along with bone china.

• Food grade:
All products are produced with food grade material.

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