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CAMRI Dinner Fork C62 Gold
Pack of 6


Material Stainless Steel
Polish Mirror Polish
Weight 47 Grams
Number of Pieces 6


🍽️ Elevate Your Dining Experience with the Camri Dinner Fork C62 Gold: Have you ever noticed how the choice of fork can impact your enjoyment of a meal? Research suggests that using heavier-duty forks significantly enhances food enjoyment while providing benefits like improved hand stability, ease of use, and reduced fatigue. With a thickness of 3.8mm, our Camri Dinner Fork C62 Gold set offers optimal thickness and weight for a satisfying dining experience. 🌟

🔱 Premium Stainless Steel Quality: Crafted from premium-grade stainless steel measuring 20.3 cm/8 inches, our Camri Dinner Fork C62 Gold set ensures both durability and aesthetic appeal. These utensils are built to last, resistant to bending, and elevate the quality of your dining table. Being dishwasher safe, they offer convenience and enjoyment with every use. 💫

🎨 Contemporary Design: Featuring a subtle yet contemporary design, our Camri Dinner Fork C62 Gold set seamlessly complements any dining room setting. Adding understated class and enhancing the enjoyment of meals, the high-grade mirror polish gives our forks a dazzling gold style that enhances the look of your table. ✨

😊 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our Camri Dinner Fork C62 Gold set. Your satisfaction is our top priority. ✔️

⚖️ Weight: Each fork weighs 47 grams, providing a balanced and comfortable dining experience. 🍴

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C37 – 6 Pcs, C61 – 6 Pcs, C62 – 6 Pcs


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Pack of 6”

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